The Ferch Area


The former fishing village follows the curve along the banks of the lake. The houses lie like pearls on a chain, partially hidden from view by woodland. Beginning at the hotel, one can enjoy long walks along the bank of the lake. And in the surrounding mixed woodland, with its tall pine trees, you discover a landscape where one feels many fairytales must have been dreamed up.

In the old Fischer church, with its timber frame, a flying angel made of wood hangs freely from the ceiling, holding a shell in its hands. Previously this shell would be filled with water and the angel brought down from the ceiling for christenings.

Ferch was, before the war, and remains today, a point of attraction for many artists who have moved here and let the mysticism of the landscape here influence their work. In Landhaus Ferch too, one can find alternating art exhibitions.

Directly next to our hotel you can relax and revive at a picturesque beach. The ground running down to the lake is perfect for swimming. Rowing boats and small motorboats can be rented from the neighbouring ‘Kapitäns - Club’ for very reasonable prices.

Situated just 4km away from Landhaus Ferch, Caputh, with its charming castle and Albert Einstein’s holiday home, makes an attractive day out. As does Petzow Castle, the gardens arranged by Lennè, and the church constructed by Schinkel, all just 3km away.